Connecting tourism and music

The coronavirus pandemic has dramatically changed the lives of people around the world. Tourism and the cultural industry were also among the worst affected. Combining music, tourism and marketing is offered as an ideal opportunity to promote Slovenian tourism, which needs new connections in a time of new challenges. How? With the project Music Ambassadors of Slovenian Tourism – Slovenia, it sounds exceptional!

Slovenia, sounds exceptional is a promotional campaign that presents selected Slovenian destinations and providers through an innovative “music embassy”. At the very beginning, the project, due to all the limitations associated with the corona virus, is divided into two seasons.

The central element of the first season (2021) is a music competition to which domestic and foreign musicians will be invited, in collaboration with 60 music institutions from 42 countries. Among the set of promotional videos of Slovenian tourist destinations and providers, the musicians will choose any one and prepare their accompanying musical interpretation for it – as a basis for video or as independent music. The expert jury will make a shortlist of the submitted songs, and the selected ones will then be made public in a special online voting and voting on social networks, where the winners will be decided by the voice of the people.

The best, together with the selected providers and destinations, will be presented on a special interactive map of Slovenia, and for their participation they will of course also be rewarded.

The central element of the second season, which will take place next year, will be a tour between destinations, where selected music groups from abroad will visit Slovenia, perform a series of performances at partner locations, travel to regions and places, and regularly prepare content for their followers. networks. With authentic and entertaining content, the ambassadors will expand the reach and attractiveness of Slovenian tourist destinations and strive to use hotel capacities during and after the corona crisis.

Slovenia, sounds exceptional, doesn’t it?